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Obamacare And You

This is something I posted on another blog last week. I've been meaning to post it here, but I've been busy doing other things (Read my previous post).

This will be one of the the longest things I have ever posted, but I urge you to please read THE WHOLE THING if you are even a tiny bit curious as to what is going to happen to this country over the next 10 years.

I will constantly update it as new information filters in over the coming months.

Well, the US just made history, folks. 'We The People' have been gifted with a health care reform bill that is going to fix all of our problems. This is the same bill that was written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn´t understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn´t read it (But had the wherewithal to exempt themselves from it), signed into law by a President who also hasn´t read it and who chain-smokes, with funding administered by a Treasury chief who refuses to pay his taxes, to be overseen by a surgeon general who is morbidly obese, and financed by a country that´s flat-ass broke. So yeah, what the hell could possibly go wrong?

...moving on.

I managed to navigate my way through the entire Senate version of the HCRB a few months ago. I know the bill is currently being amended, and as soon as the changes are in, I will edit this appropriately. But for now, here are the 'highlights' of what $1 Trillion dollars worth of Obamacare is going to do:

1. No more lifetime caps on insurance disbursements.

Your insurance company can no longer say "Ok, we've paid over $2 million for your treatments and related care. Your $312 a month just isn't ever going to pay us enough to cover it. We're going to part ways now".

From now on they will have to keep paying if they take you on as a client. But the insurance companies have already discussed how they will circumvent this: Pre-screen the living hell out of everyone, and jack rates accordingly.


2. Government option for pre-existing conditions.

If you're sick, and have no health insurance, the government will pay for you. Oh, I'm sorry, I got confused there. What I MEANT to say is that the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS will cover your bills. Wait a second...we already have this, it's called WELFARE! err, I mean Medicaid.

3. GROWN MEN AND WOMEN up to age 26 can be covered as children on their parent's health insurance.

If you're a basement dweller, a fat lazy college student, or a party girl that got herself knocked up, then you're in luck! You can now live off your parent's health insurance until you're a ripe old 26, at which point you should have already moved out, found a job, bought a starter home, and had 1-2 children (IF you were a responsible, hard-working adult at 26). Today's kids, however, will probably just whine until they up the limit to 35.

4. Seniors get more free prescriptions.

More seniors (That make too much money already) will get free prescriptions, and can now save $250.00 a month on doctor visits, thanks to an extension of the government version of welfare. Wait, damn it, I did it again, I meant to say Medicare.

That's everything that is enacted immediately, along with "Obama's black tax" (Immediate raise in income taxes on anyone that makes over $60,000 a year). You heard me right: YOU, as in middle-America, will have to pay the for the majority of this bill, starting NOW. But what about Barry's 'promise' that only people making $250,000 a year were going to get gouged? Who cares, right? You people make a whole $60,000 A YEAR! Fuck you! That's like, almost $30,000 each for a man and wife pair. Why, you bastards are rich! Or so sayeth the Liberals. "Not 'God Bless America', 'GodDAMN America'".

In 2014, we will have to deal with the rest of Barry's 'miracles'. For instance:


...I'm sorry, but this time IT'S TRUE!

You Will be required, UNDER PENALTY OF LAW, to pay in to a 'national healthcare pool' that will provide government-subsidized, state-provided health care insurance. You will be able to choose from no less than three state options of health insurance, for which *you* are guaranteed NOTHING (But the 'poor and unfortunate' get guarantees, AND a free ride, at your expense). There is NOTHING in this bill that 'forces' hospitals, private practices, or clinics of any kind to accept this insurance. But you will have to pay for it just the same.

2. "REQUIRED" penalties for the uninsured.

If you are unable to afford health insurance, then you will force you to pay $695 a month, deducted from your weekly/bi-weekly paycheck. This money will go into the national pool to pay for other people's health coverage. The bill will be $95 a month in 2014, increase to $350 in 2015, then to the full $695 in 2016. Three years to go from $100 to $700. If you refuse to pay? Next stop: IRS debtor prison. No, I'm not making this up. The IRS is taking on 17,000 new agents immediately, with an expected increase to over 100,000 by 2016, whose only function will be to rob you blind, or to lock you up. The only way to get out of this is to claim an exemption. Originally there were 16 exemptions, but in the final version of the Senate bill, only one still exists: Extreme Hardship. Is it defined in the bill? NO. So, how do we know what that is? The definition being bandied about on the internet is "Those whose insurance coverage would cost more than 8% of total household income" These people ALONE are exempt from paying the annual penalty, and would face no risk of prison.

3. "Supersized" Medicare

Medicare is set to grow, and grow FAST, to include non-Senior citizens. What does that mean? The technical term in the bill sates "individuals with income up to 133% of the poverty line qualify for coverage". What does it really mean? Bastard children, unmarried mothers, and crack whores are all covered. To head off the expected impact of this ludicrous legislation, companies like Walgreen's, and independent doctors are informing their patients that they will, as of right now, NO LONGER accept Medicare patients. It's assumed they (Congress) will pass a bill sometime before 2014 to FORCE companies to accept new Medicare patients, even if they lose money treating under the new plan. For those of you that went to public school: Assume you're a doctor. It takes you about $95 per patient to keep your practice open. Medicare pays you only $75 per patient. Under this new legislation, you are forced to take the $75 instead of charging $95, which ends with you losing $20.00 for every Medicare patient that you see. You'll be out of business in less than a month.

4. "Limited time" tax credits

For a period of 3 years, while Americans are making the transition. the government will give you (Every year on April 15th), a credit of a few percent of your monthly insurance payments to the national insurance pool. This is supposed to offset the cost to you. You pay $400 a month all year long and when you file your taxes you end up paying in $16.00 less.

There's one final thing listed for 2018.

1. Excise tax on high cost ("Cadillac") insurance plans

Any health care insurance plan that meets or exceeds $8,500 a year for adults, or $23,000 for a family, including dental and vision, will be subject to a 'luxury tax'. I'm not sure what the percentage is, but rest assured it will be high.

That's the rundown of what is in the bill. I'm not going to get into the stuff about employers, because I sincerely believe THAT shit simply WILL NOT fly. I'm also not going to discuss 'Children with preexisting conditions' section. I will, however, mention the one GOOD thing in the bill: Illegal immigrants aren't eligible, for subsidies OR Medicaid. All I have to say on that is, "It's about time". Moving on.

Here is what ISN'T in the bill:

Regulation of the health care industry:

There nothing, NOT ONE GODDAMN THING in this bill to stop health insurance companies from raising their rates once people are required to purchase and maintain continuous health coverage. IN FACT, the projected estimate for the increase in the price of health insurance from now to 2020 is 800%. EIGHT HUNDRED. Think I'm joking? Did you read the news on March 22nd?


Time for a reality check:

This bill wasn't signed into law for you, Americans. It was signed so that Barry Soetoro, AKA 'Da Prez' could serve his corporate masters.

This man has effectively killed more people with the swish of his pen than both Iraq wars COMBINED. and people...are cheering. They're CRYING, they are singing 'O-Bah-Mah! O-Bah-Mah!'.

Forget the fact that this bill directly violates the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution, never mind that 13 states are suing the federal government (And 36 others are considering legal action), or that forcing Americans via mandate to enter into contracts with private corporations is 'not within the scope of Congress' (That means it's Unconstitutional). The messiah has spoken, and the masses are expected to grovel and lick his feet. All hail the 'Obama Nation'!

...on second thought, fuck that shit.

CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES. CALL THEM EVERY DAY. LET. THEM. KNOW. that you WILL NOT stand for this. If we the people don't settle this RIGHT NOW, for good and all, revolution is coming. You won't hear about it from the news media, it will show up on your front doorstep before you can even blink. Some may say it's overdue, but do we really want it to happen? Think about this: When the National Guard, OUR FAMILIES, are tasked with putting down the revolt, do we really want to gamble on whether or not they will pull the trigger? Do we want them to have to choose between serving their country, or possibly killing someone's mom and dad, possibly even their own?

Now there's something for Michael Moore to make a documentary about.

Don't wait for November, take action NOW.

So, there you have it. I'll re-visit this topic as soon as the changes to the bill are made, and I've had a chance to read them. In the mean time, I want to hear from you HCRB lovers. Come show me just how goddamn STUPID you really are.