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July 2010
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k0s_m0s [userpic]

I swear, fansub watchers, ALL of them, seriously need to grow the fuck up!

Last week bakabt posted some news about their updated video categorisation system. Part of this update is bakabt's new stance on "Codec neutrality". What does that mean? In their own words:

"From now on, we will no longer give XviD and older non-H.264 codecs special treatment (in the form of their own video group). The consumer market has reached a point where H.264 decoding on hardware is no longer the nightmare it used to be, so we've decided to stop keeping XviD releases around solely for "hardware support".

This means releases will be judged based on video, audio and subtitle quality. In cases where an H.264 release is encoded in an incompetent manner, a better XviD/DivX release will be approved. The implementation, use and results of various codecs and encoders should speak for themselves. Users who still need to use XviD-encoded video in an .avi container can search our forums for guides on converting to those from other video formats."

All I can say is "IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME." I am SICK TO DEATH of seeing people put down Matroska for no reason whatsoever because they can't be bothered to learn how to use it properly.

Not surprisingly, this has drawn some ire from the XviD/.avi crowd, with some of them arguing/fighting with the mods, and others leaving (Or at least publicly announcing that they plan to).
The remainder have decided to try and fight back against the tide by attempting to get H.264 versions of some series de-listed in favor of the XviD versions (By using things like "Subtitle quality" as excuses), or resorting to whining.

I'll post the same thing here that I posted on OZ:

"Honestly, XviD was a fine codec, 3 years ago. I made the jump to it right when it first came out, and I sang it's praises from the highest rooftops...until x264 came along.

By today's standards, there's absolutely no excuse for all video to NOT be AT LEAST H.264. You can argue about audio formats (I partake in the "FLAC vs. DTS" debate myself), but not about this.

For all the whiners: My laptop, which was a fire sale special back in 2007, can play x264/AAC 720P Matroska encodes without even breaking a sweat (Not that I really need to use it with all my other PC's around). Forget that, my OLD Pre-2000 AMD box can play Matroska.

If *you* can't, then you're doing it wrong. Go find a professional (Like me :D) and ask for help.

*RIP XviD* - You were the sturdy ship that kept encoding out of the hands of the greedy "Pay-to-play" corporations, but you've done your job. Time to sail over the horizon and let H.264 take over."

^ AND I MEAN EVERY WORD. I genuinely love(d) XviD, but it's time for the world to MOVE THE FUCK ON. If I can teach my buddy's retarded girlfriend to play back .mkv's, I'm sure half of these idiots can learn it also.

At least bakabt is being nicer about the whole thing than *I* would. I'd have de-listed ALL of the XviD's a year ago, regardless of video quality discrepancies, and I'd have gone the extra mile and axed "dual-audio" as well. There's nothing good about an English dub, EVER (And I dare someone to try and argume me on the subject. Give me your best shot).

I guess all of this proves that you can lead a lead a horse to water, but you really can't make it drink. Maybe someone will figure out a way to get at least a majority of the XviDiots to come over to H.264 (And maybe one of those Nigerian scammers that frequently email me will actually send me 10 million dollars).